Wild cave adventure tour alabama

Prepare for Adventure!

If you are looking for a unique experience...look no further. Drop into the land down under and see what lies hundreds of feet below the Earth's surface. Travel over Breland's gap, past the curtains, to H's Tavern where your journey begins. Crawl down the Dragon's Throat on the EXTREME TOUR or just stick to The Squeeze on the ADVENTURE TOUR.  With over 100 underground destinations, our wild cave tours are the WILDEST cave tours in the county!

Wild Cave Adventure Tour ($115) 3-1/2+ Hours

Our Wild Cave Adventure tour will take you down into the depths of Bryant Mountain, hundreds of feet below the ground. This is an experience like no other! We travel to several of our underground destinations. You will see waterfalls, cave creatures, and many beautiful formations as we travel through the mountain. It's your adventure so we can get as wild as you'd like. Our cave family has pushed deeper and deeper into our cave system and made many interesting discoveries along the way. This tour takes you in one entrance and out another There is no backtracking to get out of the cave. You will be wet and proud when you reach the exit hole. Bring a change of clothes and prepare for an adventure you won't forget!.

Wild Cave Extreme Tour Alabama

Wild Cave Extreme Tour ($155) 5-1/2+ Hours

If you are looking for something on the extreme side ...look no further.  This is an all out cave exploration! This tour gives you enough time to cover most all of the explored areas of our cave. Go places others haven't dared. Discover Hidden Dragon Falls after a trip down the Dragon's Throat. Attempt some of our challenge passages if you have the guts! This tour is suited for those who are comfortable climbing and crawling around in an unforgiving environment. The Extreme Tour is limited to ages 12 and up and  could last up to 6 hours.