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Our Vision

We don't want to keep all this to ourselves. Whether you are an avid caver, a nature lover, or just up for the challenge, Sims Cave Park should be on your bucket list. We are a living cave museum featuring a variety of unique water features, fossils, geological formations, animals, and plant life.

Our Story

The first time I descended into Bryant Mountain, I was in awe at the beauty I discovered. The waterfalls, formations, creatures, fossils, and cliffs inside form the most amazing little underground world. It was shocking to believe that we had acquired such an awesome cave! After exploring for some time, I decided to help fill the need for outdoor adventure in others. In 2018 we had our first Wild Cave Adventure Tour  and have since shared this exploration adventure with thousands of guests. We have not fully explored every nook and cranny and often make little discoveries along the way. We still have parts of our cave that man has never seen! The excitement from my first trip into the cave has never left and it grows every time I get to share this underground treasure!

Meet the Your Adventure Guide

Greetings! My name is Wes and I am excited to share with you an experience you won't find anywhere else. My love for outdoor high adventure began at an early age. As a boy I could always be found down in a creek or up in a tree. I was introduced to adventure sports at the age of 11 and absolutely fell in love with being on the rocks and ropes. The first paycheck I ever earned was spent entirely on climbing gear! My lifetime of passion for the outdoors is now something that I get to share with guests as we make our way through this underground adventure paradise. Please contact me for any questions you may have about our adventures.

Wild Cave Owner Wes Sims at Sims Cave Park in Birmingham, Alabama

Wes Sims

Wild Man Wes 

"I have crawled and squeezed for hours on end and I have a long way to go!"

Ready to Go?

Join us on an unforgettable experience down under! Schedule a tour today.