15 Minutes North of Birmingham under Smoke Rise, Alabama lies a hidden treasure known to locals as Bryant Mountain Cave. It's here that you can Explore Your WILD SIDE and join Wild Man Wes and experience the world famous WILD CAVE ADVENTURE TOUR!

Follow him  underground where you will descend into the deep chasms of Bryant Mountain. When you reach the bottom you'll find multiple waterfalls, massive rooms, unique geological formations, a variety of animal life, and ancient fossils from the time when Alabama was a shallow sea. Walk, squeeze, climb, and crawl through passages only few have dared to see!

Tours can be scheduled most days of the week from 9am to 1pm. Space is limitted (Literally)


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Alabama Cave Salamander
underground waterfall at sims cave park birmingham Alabama Wild Cave Adventure Tour
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Wild Cave Adventure Tour

Do you want to know what it's like to explore a cave? Join us on our WILD CAVE ADVENTURE TOUR and see for yourself! The WILD CAVE ADVENTURE TOUR will take you all the way through the cave and that's not going to be easy...

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Adventure Awaits....

We go caving all four seasons of the year! We don't care if it's cold, hot, rainy, or sunny. Sims Cave Park is underground and the temperature remains in the lower 60's Year round.  Make a reservation today and don't worry about the weather.