Our Vision

We don't want to keep all this to ourselves. Whether you are an avid caver, a nature lover, or just up for the challenge, Sims Cave Park should be on your bucket list. We are a living cave museum featuring a variety of unique fossils, geological formations, animals, and plant life.

Our Story

The first time I squeezed down inside Bryant Mountain, I was  in awe at the beauty I saw. I was truly in shock that we had a cave of this magnitude! The excitement has never left and it grows every time I get to share this place.

Meet the Team

We have crawled and squeezed for hours on end and we have a long way to go!


Wes Sims

Cave Monster

Always looking for more cave...


Jay Berry

Cave Artist

Makes it look easy....


Chris Mewbourne

Cave King

Can't get enough cave....

Ready to Go?

Join us on an unforgettable experience down under! Schedule a tour today.